Pubdate: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
Source: Xaverian Weekly, The (CN NS Edu)
Copyright: 2005 The Xaverian Weekly
Author: Matthew Thauvette
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Dear Editor,

I am not one to write in about articles I disagree with but Greg
Markey's "Tragedy Brings Tough Questions" in March 16th's issue needs
a rebuttal. Markey has overlooked many important facts and issues
regarding the horrible deaths of the four RCMP.

Gun control could not have saved these young men. Markey wrote that a
person with a criminal record should not be able to own a gun and I
agree. But it is an irrelevant argument in this situation. Markey
missed the fact that Roszko used a military assault rifle which is
illegal to own in Canada with or without a license. Roszko was a
dangerous and mentally unstable criminal and our current laws which
state that he should not have been in possession of this weapon didn't
stop him. How would stricter ones stop him? Also, as an Albertan from
the "gun belt" I take offence to the comment that we are oblivious to
the increase in violent crimes involving guns. I'm sick of the idea
that we are irrational about gun control. It is not the common
practice for urban residents to own guns. Changing the laws will
affect the rural community. Our farmers need the right to own guns for
protecting livestock and putting down suffering animals.

Mr. Markey again shows that he is misinformed on the facts surrounding
the event when he claims that the officers were at the farm on account
of drugs. In actuality they were there to re-possess stolen property.
Let's not use this incident to bring up other issues or try and throw
blame around. We need to pay our respects and let the people who know
the facts address the issues.


Matthew Thauvette
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