Pubdate: Tue, 29 Mar 2005
Source: Colorado Daily (UC Edu, CO)
Copyright: 2005 Colorado Daily
Author: Ken Larsen, Past candidate for Governor of Utah


When I was in Boulder in 1974, getting a postdoctorate at CU, it was
the year of the streakers. Of course public nudity is and was against
the law.

But this event was publicized in the media and the police were there
to protect the streakers from anyone who might want to harass them. I
saw it with my own eyes. Hundreds of fun-loving students of both sexes
running across campus wearing nothing but shoes, while dozens of
uniformed police officers stood by to keep peace.

This is a historical precedent. Why can't the police give the stoners
a break just one day a year for their annual celebration the same way
they protected, rather than molesting or arresting, the streakers?

This question needs to be asked by lots of letters to the local
papers. Chances are, most people would agree that running nude in
public and smoking a joint in public are about equally serious as
violations of community decency. The Boulder Police should consider
making a rare annual exception to both "crimes." So, Police
Department, explain how you protected people running nude on streakers
day, 1974, and refuse to make a similar exception for harmless
potheads on their day?

Ken Larsen,

Past candidate

for Governor of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
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