Pubdate: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
Source: St. Albert Gazette (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 St. Albert Gazette
Author: Phil Owens


Ron Ingram, thank God I am not a marijuana user. Because, as you so
eloquently stated in your March 16 letter to the editor, I would be as
guilty as the lunatic who ended the lives of the four RCMP officers.

I do, however, partake in the odd alcoholic drink, so God help me if
someone who runs a distillery murders another person. I disagree with
most of the sweeping generalizations you make. "Marijuana mixed with
alcohol has been used as a date rape drug?" What hat did you pull that
one out of? "Growing drop-out rate in our schools?" The last time I
checked, drop-out rates are at their lowest. "Most marijuana users
smoke cigarettes?" Out of the same hat?

You seem to have concluded that the killer was a manic-depressive who
turned violently schizophrenic after smoking marijuana. What evidence
do you know of that leads you to conclusions like this? How did you
come to the conclusion that the killer even smoked marijuana? I
personally know many non-cigarette smoking people who smoke marijuana
regularly and haven't harmed a soul. You make a lot of assumptions
about subjects you seem to know very little about.

It is both unfair and irresponsible to blame anyone but the lunatic
with the gun at Mayerthorpe. When it comes down to it, marijuana had
little to do with what happened that day. I believe it was much more
due to a failure in our justice system to keep him behind bars where
he belonged. Focus on the facts if you want to find solutions Mr.
Ingram, don't start a 21st century witch-hunt.

Phil Owens

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