Pubdate: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
Source: Surrey Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Surrey Leader
Author: Pieter Spierenburg
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I am angry, and I mean really angry when I saw the spectacle put up by our 
representatives in Ottawa.

These politicians had the nerves to hold a one minute silence for those who 
got killed in the line of duty. It is these same politicians who are 
responsible for this to happen as they refuse to change our mediocre laws, 
which are no more but good for laughs.

This was once again a reaction and not an action, which should have been 
taken to prevent a reoccurrence.

It is no different taken by those who place flowers on the side of the road 
instead of writing their MLA and telling them it is time we start to 
toughen up on those who break our existing laws.

For instance make deportation a risk for those who think streetcar racing 
is a macho thing or just another gig. Also, demand to reinstate the death 
penalty for "cop killers."

The killing of these four officers could have been prevented if the 
outdated and ridiculous law against those who grow marijuana was changed. 
It is time we legalize the growing of pot for someone's own use.

This will take the criminal element and extreme profit out of it instantly 
as it will reduce the price drastically making it no longer profitable for 
the many dealers and their criminal bosses.

Just imagine what a change this would make in Surrey.

Don't the same politicians realize how many taxes they can collect if they 
allow people to grow it for "commercial" purposes?

Our health care system would no longer be in the horrible shape it is in 
right now and it may even reduce the taxes we pay right now, which are some 
of the highest in the world.

Pieter Spierenburg

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