Pubdate: Thu, 17 Mar 2005
Source: Kingsport Times-News (TN)
Copyright: 2005 Kingsport Publishing Corporation
Author: Cheri Jarvis
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I fail to understand why it is so difficult to see the positive side of 
methadone and methadone clinics. Clinics do not just hand out methadone to 
people. Intense individual and group therapy are not just offered, but 
mandatory for patients to stay in the program. Patients must show 
compliance to standards of the clinic, and these are strict standards. For 
patients to undergo these standards shows effort on their part that they 
want and need help. Patients are volunteering for help. Patients are not 
tied down by the clinic; they may walk away at any time. As far as cost, 
what price is put on a person attempting to put their life back in order 
and to begin to become a productive member of society instead of doing drugs?

Methadone is a medication prescribed by a doctor. Methadone clinics are 
here to stay, so instead of feeding the negativity, why not use that energy 
to educate yourself and others on the positive side of methadone and 
methadone clinics? If you have a loved one dependent on drugs, wouldn't you 
want help nearby? Methadone clinics do not bring criminals and others 
dependent on drugs to the area; these people are already here wanting and 
needing help. They are your neighbors, as being drug dependent knows no 

Cheri Jarvis

Tazewell, Va. 
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