Pubdate: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 BC Newspaper Group and New Media Development
Author: Colin Walker


Editor: So it was disgusting for activists to decry the evils of
prohibition, but not for top cops and authorities to use the tragedy to call
for harsher penalties on cannabis when cannabis was not even the reason for
the police to be present? (Guest editorial from Prince George Free Press,
The Times, March 9).

Everybody jumped the gun because of poor reporting, yet this editorial only
grills the BCCLA and BCMP? On the day after the shooting, the media trotted
out every MP and cop who called for harsher penalties for grow-ops. Harsher
penalties do not work and would cost taxpayers billions, and ratchet up the
violence associated with grow-ops.

Their condolences were equally hollow. A little balance would be nice,
instead of using a newspaper to attack your political enemies.

Prohibition may not have killed the four officers in question, but it has
killed more people than cannabis ever will.

Colin Walker, 

New Westminster
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