Pubdate: Tue, 15 Mar 2005
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 The Vancouver Sun
Author: Scott Allan
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The following letters were received in response to The Sun's four 
editorials about marijuana last week.

My congratulations to The Sun for its editorial series on the pot war. 
Considering the overwhelming evidence on the futility of this war, it is 
about time a major newspaper wrote editorials in favour of legalization. 
Your editorials have correctly shown this war will never be won as long as 
there is demand for the product.

Legalization has a multitude of benefits: It would allow adults to make a 
free and informed choice to use an intoxicant; it would allow money 
currently wasted on this war to be spent keeping marijuana out of the U.S; 
by permitting small-scale cultivation for personal use, it would enable 
these individuals to contract certified electricians to set up the wiring, 
avoiding house fires; and, as opposed to being a money pit, the government 
could tax its sale. The revenue could be used to educate youth as to its 
potential dangers, in addition to enriching the feds.

Inevitably, the police will argue we are opening the door to legalizing 
break and enters and assault (as Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham chief 
claimed the last time this subject got a lot of press). Please do not be 
fooled by such a fallacious claim. Even if you don't endorse drug use (do 
you drink?), realize that all of the argumentative strength falls in favour 
of legalization.

Scott Allan

Port Moody 
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