Pubdate: Tue, 08 Mar 2005
Source: Oak Ridger (TN)
Copyright: 2005 The Oak Ridger
Author: Tim Holt
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To The Oak Ridger:

May I second the motion of The Jackson Sun and The Oak Ridger's March 3 
editorial that a team effort is needed to fight the problems of meth 
production and addiction growth in Tennessee.

I was a victim of theft as were my neighbors on West Outer Drive a few 
months ago, and the police knew the thieves were local drug addicts seeking 
pawnables to feed their habits. They had been recently arrested and were 
out on bail.

The editorials mentioned above indicated Tennessee state government's 
approach initiated a team effort in keeping the raw materials for the meth 
out of the hands of addicts. I suggest that we might ask district attorneys 
and judges to join the team.

If they could use whatever flexibility they have in setting bonds and trial 
dates, with the objective to minimize the time that arrested addicts are 
out awaiting their trials, they could decrease the growth of meth addiction 
and related crimes. It may be feasible to just leave unscheduled trial time 
in the trial schedule and use that time if and when meth cases show up.

Priority in scheduling meth-related trials is desirable because addicts are 
more likely than others to do additional damage to society while they are 
waiting trial. If judges have need for more legal flexibility in 
prioritizing trial scheduling, now is a good time to pass this on to lawmakers.

Maximizing the utility and contribution of the justice system to this cause 
is worthwhile.

Tim Holt,

Oak Ridge
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