Pubdate: Tue, 08 Mar 2005
Source: Wausau Daily Herald (WI)
Copyright: 2005 Wausau Daily Herald
Author: Ryan Wendorf
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I am a student at Wausau West High School.

I stay away from drugs, but the whole thought of someone testing me
because I am an athlete keeps my mind focused away from what I am
supposed to be doing and more on worrying about the drug test.

I golf and may play football, and I don't have time to think about
drug tests. I'm sure many others feel this way.

I think the idea of random drug testing in school is intrusive, and is
an abuse of our rights.

If you want to give random drug tests to students, why not do it right
and give random drug tests to those who need it most - for example,
all police officers, firefighters, teachers, college professors,
welfare recipients, airline pilots, bus drivers, all government
officials and anyone who makes public policy?

The whole idea is stupid. If you want to get rid of drugs, get rid of
the people at the top who let the drugs in - the paid-off drug
enforcement agents, border patrols, politicians and others who bend
the rules to make a buck.

High school drug testing is a ridiculous waste of money. What is this
supposed to prove? These players are not being paid nor do they
receive sponsorships. They are attending a public school.

This is just one more controlling aspect that has been taken too far.
Perhaps the athletes should be testing the school board.

Ryan Wendorf, 17,

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