Pubdate: Thu, 03 Mar 2005
Source: Reporter, The (Fond du Lac, WI)
Copyright: 2005 Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers
Author: G. Ross Purcell
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I have just finished reading two HIV/AIDS related editorials in two 
different newspapers.

One cited the statistics that 10 infection among one ethnic group had 
doubled over the past ten years, but was holding steady in another group. 
The findings were released in Boston at the 12th annual Retrovirus Conference.

The other article was an opinion on maintaining free needle exchange for 
addicts with government funds.

Both articles complained the present administration was derelict in not 
doing enough to provide medicines to those infected or enough free needles 
to continue to administer their drug habits.

It is my opinion that both were yet another manifestation by liberal, 
social, elitist Democrats to shoot the messenger at all cost so the whole 
truth cannot arrive in the eyes that need it.

This administration has done far more than the liberal press will 
acknowledge. The liberals constantly attack abstinence and prevention as 
archaic, religious and ineffective.

In my opinion, the liberal left is an ostrich that has stuck its head in 
the sand on the beach where all the water has gone out on this incredible 
low tide.

That way, they can believe the tsunami of truth does not exist.

Every good Democrat knows "an ounce of prevention" must never be mentioned 
to groups of voters who don't want to change their lifestyle or hear the 
Ten Commandments!

G. Ross Purcell

Fond du Lac 
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