Pubdate: Thu, 24 Feb 2005
Source: Las Vegas Mercury (NV)
Copyright: 2005 Las Vegas Mercury
Author: P.C. Rustigian
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Hopefully the 9th Circuit Court will bring some justice to this tragedy. 
Jessica Williams received 48 years in a cage to provide vengeance for the 
families of the victims. To further the judge in his rise to the state 
Supreme Court, to help the D.A. move to a judgeship.

It is interesting to note the prosecutor has resigned his position and now 
is in private practice. He represents those accused of DUI now. But most of 
all this was about protecting all the others who helped cause this tragedy. 
Jessica foolishly allowed herself to become so fatigued she was involved in 
a horrible crash. She was not a criminal, just a foolish teenager.

Fifty years in prison serves no purpose whatsoever. What will be gained 
when a 70-year-old Ms. Williams comes out of the cage? How about the cost? 
It will cost over $800,000 to keep this nonviolent offender in her cage for 
50 years. The taxpayers are not getting much for their buck. This does not 
include the vast amount spent in the trial and appeals, etc. What price 

Just as important, how can you be innocent and guilty of the same offense? 
Let's see, I have a beer at noon, then at 4 I have an accident, someone is 
killed. I pass the breath test, the blood test and am declared not under 
the influence. But I had a beer at noon so I go to prison not for DUI, but 
for having a beer. In the past four years I have seen so many terrible 
crimes and DUI accidents where the accused get off with no more than a slap 
on the wrist.

One, for instance, comes to mind, the woman talking on the cell phone, runs 
the stop sign and kills two senior citizens, maims the son of one of them. 
This person got off with probation, which she violated several times. What 
gives with this? It's okay to kill us old folks? When Attorney John Watkins 
finally is successful in his quest for justice, he should be awarded a 
certificate naming him attorney of the year. The man is a real hero, the 
kind you see on TV. You know, the ones that really want to get justice for 
the helpless.

- --P.C. Rustigian
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