Pubdate: Sat, 19 Feb 2005
Source: Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire, WI)
Copyright: 2005 Eau Claire Press
Author: Alexander J. Greene
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Illegal drug use is considered an impurity poisoning our society. An
increase in federal anti-drug funding supports a rampage of propaganda
adhering itself onto the brains of its viewers.

As federal policy targets drug trafficking and those possessing
illicit substances, media efforts target the homeless dope junkies
silently waiting to pounce on innocent youngsters. Kids are now target
to chronic, life-rattling addictions. An annual $20 billion of federal
money is spent on this paranoia.

Few politicians understand the neurological complication of addiction
before drawing solutions. Purge the country; stop drugs from invading
our borders, stop drug exposure to youth. Is this battle feasible?
Despite security efforts, an influx of drugs is inevitable.

The media is delivering the threat and replacing it with a
sugar-coated world; public fear is created by harsh consequences for
nonviolent drug possession. Drug addicts are not treated in
increasingly efficient rehab programs, yet drug users/possessors
amount for roughly 55 percent of federal prison inmates and 20 percent
of state inmates (2001), which requires huge amounts of tax money.

With every crippling blow the government hands drug offenders, do the
streets become safer for your children?

Political leaders don't trust American families and individuals to
control their lifestyles. Thus, designated elites are responsible for
imposing the iron-fisted Drug War upon society.

Americans of all political backgrounds are asking growing questions of
concern. Is the drug war a self-glorifying battle to an ideal society?
Is the government responsible for our actions? Are drug penalties
justified? Drug policy reform may be the response.

Alexander J. Greene

Eau Claire
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