Pubdate: Tue, 22 Feb 2005
Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)
Contact:  2005 The Media News Group
Author: Jay Bergstrom
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Regarding the Feb. 11 article about Durham schools considering drug 
testing, one is tempted to suggest that the board be commanded to squat and 
pee in front of a stranger to prove their purity. But that path leads only 
to a more totalitarian society.

The only way we can ever hope for one iota of control or regulation with 
regard to illegal drug use by our children is through legalization of 
responsible adult use. See Amendment 21.

To swallow the lies required to prop up the pogrom of prohibition requires 
enormous skill in the practice of doublethink. A great measure of what is 
termed intelligence is that critters learn from experience. Societally, we 
are failing the test of self-government evidenced by the continued, 
escalating prohibition policies.

Jay Bergstrom, Forest Ranch
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