Pubdate: Thu, 17 Feb 2005
Source: Times Of Zambia (Zambia)
Copyright: 2005 Times Of Zambia

'Drugs Will Make You Mad, Not Brighter'

THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Ndola has urged pupils to
desist from using drugs as they are harmful to their health.

DEC officer Luckson Zulu told pupils of Nsansa Trust school there was
no truth to the belief that drugs made the user more

He said one was more likely to go mad from using drugs and urged them
to report anyone abusing drugs in any school.

Mr Zulu said was addressing the pupils yesterday during an awareness
programme organised in conjunction with the Lions Club of Twikatane.

Mr Zulu said many pupils countrywide were being misled into using
drugs which landed them in trouble.

"Most pupils take drugs due to peer pressure with a belief that once
in the system they would be brighter in class, but most of them end up
on the streets because they run mad," Mr Zulu said.

He said though the DEC offered free counselling and rehabilitation
programmes, the process was slow depending on the period one had been
on drugs.

He said teachers also received some tips on how they could identify
pupils taking drugs so that they could assist them.

Mr Zulu said the DEC was working with the Lions Club of Twikatane in
Ndola which was targeting about 20 schools in the city.

And Lions Club of Twikatane President Greg Lubesha said the
orgainsation would continue with drug awareness programmes as part of
the community contribution especially to the youths.

"Youths are the backbone of the country as they are the future leaders
of the country and need to grow in a drugs-free environment," Mr
Lubesha said.
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