Pubdate: Sat, 19 Feb 2005
Source: Fort Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2005 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Renee Edwards


My name is Renee Edwards. On Feb. 1, my boyfriend, Danny DeStefano,
was shot and killed in Fort Pierce while trying to make an honest
living delivering papers for the Tribune. The animal that police sat
committed this crime, Stephen Hayward, had just gotten out of prison
Nov. 6, 2004, after serving only a 16-year sentence of a 35-year
sentence for killing another human being execution style in Fort
Pierce. My question is how does someone let this devil out of prison
for so-called good behavior?

I am outraged and appalled that the parole board could let this
happen. Is there any justice here? People serve more time for
possession of narcotics than a murderer. This devil of society has
ruined all of our lives. Seeing him in prison is not good enough. That
is a free meal, education and place to sleep. Myself along with family
and friends will do everything we can to make sure he suffers.

I hope anyone who reads this will join with us and put himself in our
shoes to take care of this matter. I wouldn't want to see this happen
to any other decent family.


Port St. Lucie 
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