Pubdate: Sat, 19 Feb 2005
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Dan Palmer and Paul Cowan
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A Tofield-area woman once featured in the Sun after losing her chihuahua 
puppy is now facing drug charges following a $412,000-marijuana bust. 
Tofield Mounties and the RCMP-Edmonton Police Service Green Team executed a 
search warrant on Thursday around 8:20 p.m. at an acreage west of Tofield, 
70 km east of Edmonton.

"It was a really nice operation. Nice plants," said city police Det. 
Clayton Sach, a Green Team member.

About 412 marijuana plants were found in a three-bay garage at the 
residence, said police. A woman was arrested.

Carrie Rae Vigfusson, 27, of Tofield, has been charged with possession of 
marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, production of marijuana for the 
purpose of trafficking and theft of power.

Vigfusson lost her dog Ren in Edmonton last summer, but got it back a few 
days later after someone found it, following media coverage about the 
missing pooch.

Police have also issued a warrant for Jason Richard Neilson, 32, of 
Tofield, who faces drug-related charges.

Meanwhile, RCMP have concluded their investigation into a less successful 
bust near Tofield last May.

RCMP officers from Tofield were called by firefighters who found a 
marijuana grow operation on a farm near Holden after a blaze broke out 
there. Officers taped off one of the farm buildings, but left the scene to 
obtain a search warrant. When they returned, they found all the plants gone.

RCMP spokesman Wayne Oakes said a full investigation by the area commander 
had cleared the officers involved of any criminal wrongdoing.

"The results of the investigation have been used to take administrative 
measures to ensure there is no repeat of this incident," he said, declining 
to say what disciplinary measures had been taken. "That is not part of the 
public process. The measures taken are an internal matter."
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