Pubdate: Thu, 03 Feb 2005
Source: East Carolinian (NC Edu)
Copyright: 2005 The East Carolinian
Author: Jose Melendez
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Dear Editor,

In the interests of setting "a good example for tomorrow's leaders" (Re: A 
Date With Mary Jane, published Jan. 27), I'll state for the record that I 
have little faith that this letter will be printed, and none that the 
editors at TEC will concede the following facts:

Drug prohibition, just like alcohol prohibition early last century, has led 
to drastic increases in youth access to illicit contraband and per capita 
homicide rates. Furthermore, marijuana laws have been associated with 
increased demand for cannabis and much more dangerous substances like 
opiates and inhalants.

Why do people risk their very freedom to smoke marijuana? Because it 
effectively ameliorates pain, nausea and stress with far less deleterious 
side effects than "approved" alternatives.

Why do people legally smoke cigarettes, drink beer or use pain killers? 
Because Congress prefers to wage war against Americans over pot. Meanwhile, 
they ignore the annual deaths of 1.1 million Americans caused by 
manufacturers of defective and deadly drugs that would otherwise be forced 
to compete on an open market with marijuana.

War on drugs is counterproductive at best, and is likely illegal, violating 
several antitrust and Constitutional laws.

Any questions?

Jose Melendez

DeLand, FL
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