Pubdate: Mon, 19 Dec 2005
Source: Chatham Sun (CN ON)
Page: 4
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Author: Kirk Muse
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I'm writing about Ed Hick's not-so-thoughtful letter: "It's up to the
people not to break the law" (Dec. 14).

In the Southern states of the United States, it was up to the good
(African Americans) to obey the segregation laws, which were for the
benefit of both races. Or so the story went. A lady named Rosa Parks
thought differently -- and so did lots of other people.

It seems to me that an adult citizen should have the right to smoke,
swallow or snort any substance that they want in the privacy of their
own homes. In a drug transaction between two adults, both walk away
happy -- unlessone or both get arrested.

If drug laws are to protect us, then food laws should protect us also.
Which foods should we criminalize first -- for our own good and protection?

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Arizona

(How does Rosa Parks' courageous stand have anything to do with
legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana?) 
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