Pubdate: Thu, 08 Dec 2005
Source: Phoenix New Times (AZ)
Copyright: 2005 New Times, Inc.
Author: Connie Serrano


Of all the other drugs that have plagued our
society, meth is the worst. It causes people to get into a vicious

There has been so much made over crack cocaine, but though it gets
most of the publicity, it has not taken nearly the toll that meth has.
How often do you hear of somebody on crack shooting and killing a cop,
like that young crank-head did here in Phoenix?

Maggie Voss' story was so uplifting, because after reading your
original stories in your meth series ("The New Boss," Joe Watson,
Robert Nelson and Paul Rubin, November 3,
it seemed that there was no hope at all. Now I see that people can be
cured of the plague of meth. It takes commitment on the addict's part,
but mothers addicted to meth shouldn't be written off. Motherhood is
the strongest force there is -- once the mother can see through her
drug haze, she will return to her kids at all costs.

It's not surprising that punishment-crazy Arizona law enforcement
authorities are missing the point on how to make a bad situation
better. Maybe the smart ones in the police community will read your
stories and take a different tack.

Thanks for not doing what the news media usually does -- load us down
with problems and offer no solutions.

Connie Serrano, Tucson
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