Pubdate: Sat, 10 Dec 2005
Source: Saipan Tribune (US MP)
Copyright: 2005 Saipan Tribune
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The Pacific Regional Training Institute-Drug Abuse  Resistance
Education program continued its new pilot  program, Get Up and Try
Something, to provide various  activities and programs for the youths
of Guam, the  CNMI, and other neighboring islands in the Pacific  region.

The program is designed to get the youth actively  involved in various
activities such as sports and  occupational opportunities that exist
within or outside  the community. In addition, the program helps DARE
with  its drug awareness and prevention programs, using  various
activities to keep youth busy instead of  sitting around or getting
involved in criminal  activities, help improve and increase their 
self-esteem, and team building

The new pilot program was introduced and taught by PRTI  supervisor
Edward Maratita Jr. and Eskuelan San  Francisco De Borja students had
the opportunity to  experience the new program's various activities.

The important aspect of GUTS is that it gives students  a chance to
determine what they want to do with their  lives as well as understand
the consequences should  they make irresponsible decisions. Students
are taught  that success comes with a price, and that dreams are  only
attainable through hard work, sacrifice, personal  discipline, and

The lessons are directed toward developing short-term  and long-term
goals, personal responsibility for one's  success, living mediocrity,
and honoring and supporting  each other in pursuit of life goals.

The program's success is determined by improvement in a  student's
academics, attendance, and attitude. These  criteria are evaluated on
an ongoing basis, and  students clearly understand that negative
performance  in any of these areas is grounds for removal from the 
program. Once the student's show improvement, they are  always welcome
to come back.
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