Pubdate: Mon, 05 Dec 2005
Source: Vegreville News Advertiser (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Vegreville News Advertiser
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During the month of October, Constable Heather Koopman of the
Vegreville RCMP instructed the DARE program to all Grade 6 students in
the Vegreville area.

The DARE program is a 10 lesson curriculum designed to teach the
students the dangers of gateway drugs, including but not limited to,
marijuana, tobacco and alcohol. The students also learned about
different ways to way 'no' to drugs, and how to recognize and deal
with peer pressure. Students were required to write an essay about
what they learned in DARE, which the teachers used as part of their
Language Arts program.

Each student who successfully completes the program also receives a
Certificate of Accomplishment, a T-shirt and a small gift. This year,
147 students successfully completed the program.

The funding for his program is dependent solely on donations from the
community groups and local businesses. Without these donations, this
program would not continue. The donations are used to purchase
workbooks and school supplies. 
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