Pubdate: Fri, 28 Jan 2005
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: 2005 Archant Regional
Cited: Legalise Cannabis Alliance


Charles Clarke made a mistake in refusing to talk to the Legalise
Cannabis Alliance because "he doesn't respect them" (EN Jan 25th) The
situation with cannabis is a mess and talking and listening to other
points of view is the only way out of it.

My son has schizophrenia after heavy use of cannabis at the age of 15.
I had no idea there were potential risks - the government, the
legalisers and the psychiatrists had done nothing at this time to
publicise this information. And there were no psychiatrists on the
committee that lead up to reclassification, which is unbelievable.

And what's the situation now? Cannabis has changed form being
portrayed as completely harmless to giving everyone

Neither of course is true. But, whilst it's outside the law, people
are not going to be given information about how it can be used safely
- - in terms of strength, frequency of use and in particular risks to
children. I believe that cannabis should be made legal not because
it's harmless, as clearly it isn't, but for the purpose of control and
so that information about its safe use can be given and believed.
While it's illegal this can't happen. There is too little trust.

Ignoring this confused muddle isn't going to make it go away. And
Charles Clarke refusing to engage in debate does nothing to help
people like my son.

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