Pubdate: Thu, 01 Dec 2005
Source: Westword (CO)
Copyright: 2005 New Times
Author: Bruce Mirken



Whatever one thinks of SAFER's campaign tactics -- and
they were controversial even among those who favor an end to marijuana
prohibition -- the simple fact is that Mason Tvert's message was true
("Going to Pot," November 24). By any objective standard, marijuana is
safer than alcohol.

Toxicity? Alcohol overdoses kill Americans every year, while no fatal
marijuana overdose has ever been documented. Addiction? Of those who
ever take a drink, 15 percent get hooked on booze, compared to 9
percent for marijuana. Violence? Alcohol is well-documented to be a
major cause of aggression and violence, while marijuana almost
universally reduces aggression in users. Just ask any cop if he'd
rather arrest a drunk or someone who's high on marijuana.

Denver voters did the right thing.

Bruce Mirken

Marijuana Policy Project

Washington, D.C.
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