Pubdate: Wed, 23 Nov 2005
Source: Mayerthorpe Freelancer (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 The Freelancer
Author: Chris Buors


Yellowhead MP Rob Merrifield ought to be reminded that all manner of 
beating, jailing, and executions in the world have been tried and the 
only system ever found that could instill character in individuals is liberty.

The question begs, if Rob Merrifield never learned his Sunday School 
lessons, is he the right man for the job of legislator?

For instance, the Parable of the Fall teaches Canadians everything we 
need to know about drug prohibition. The universally known moral is 
that the forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter. The more subliminal 
message is that the Serpent tells the truth and the Supreme Authority 
punishes the children, not the tempter.

Temptation is the one word I have never seen associated with 
addiction. Yielding to and resisting temptation are character traits 
that are the duty of parents and not the state to instill.

Drug prohibition ought to be repealed if we are to avoid the black 
market violence that goes with it.

Chris Buors

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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