Pubdate: Mon, 21 Nov 2005
Source: Daily Toreador, The (TX Edu)
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Author: Karen Heikkala
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I agree with Trey Calvia's article, "Step No. 1 in the new battle 
plan: legalize marijuana, tax sales." Not only is marijuana less 
harmful than many of our social and legal drugs, but cannabinoids, 
compounds within the marijuana plant, have a high potential for new medicines.

I speak with many patients who use smoked marijuana to relieve the 
symptoms of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, AIDS and cancer.

Often times marijuana helps these patients stop taking other 
prescribed drugs, which saves them from toxic side effects and 
possible liver damage, and at the same time controls their symptoms 
better. Yet we know so little about this plant.

As a country we are missing out. Marijuana has 60 naturally occurring 
cannabinoids. Our scientists are unable to research them and our 
doctors and patients are unable to fully take advantage of their 
potential. Let's get rid of the restrictions on this plant and truly 
discover how we can develop a beneficial relationship with it.

Karen Heikkala

Texans for Medical Marijuana 
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