Pubdate: Mon, 21 Nov 2005
Source: Pacific Daily News (US GU)
Copyright: 2005 Pacific Daily News
Cited: US Office of National Drug Control Policy
Cited: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
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Internet Can Help Spread The Word That Clean Really Is Cool

The anti-drug movement has long been on the Web, and parents can use a
number of Web sites as key tools in getting ideas on how to educate
their teens.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the
Internet's greatest advantage is its ability to reach large groups of
youth on local and global levels.

Earlier this month, the Office of National Drug Control Policy's
National Youth Anti-Drug Media campaign launched a new advertising and
online campaign aimed at teens.

"Above the Influence" launched Nov. 2 with a series of TV, print and
online advertisements, along with,
illustrating the power teens gain when they resist drug use and
pressures that contribute to risky behaviors.

The TV spots aired on teen-targeted programs across 12 cable networks,
including MTV, and major broadcast networks such as Fox, WB and UPN.
Interactive support also will begin Nov. 2 on 18 Web sites such as
Yahoo, GameSpy and

National print ads launched in 23 highly targeted titles such as Teen
People, Skateboarder, J-14 and Playstation magazines. In addition to
TV, print and online, a variety of non-traditional out-of-home
vehicles will be utilized to reach teens in environments that reflect
their culture and lifestyle.

Individual Identity

"Research with teens illustrates clearly that they aspire to have
their own identity and not give in to all the pressures in their
lives," said Roy Bostock, chairman of the Partnership for a Drug-Free
America. "The 'Above the Influence' campaign conveys respect for teen
desires to resist negative influences."

The idea was under the direction of ONDCP and the Partnership for a
Drug-Free America.

The campaign's Web site addresses a variety of pressures teens face,
including drugs, fitting in, self-esteem, body image and sexual
activity. The site includes interactive features including quizzes,
games and blog icons to share with friends.

Other Web sites, like, or the Partnership for a
Drug-Free America's Web site, are constantly updated with the latest
statistics and information to keep parents informed, as well as tips,
such as whether parents should snoop on their children to simply
talking to kids about drugs.
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