Pubdate: Fri, 18 Nov 2005
Source: Watertown Daily Times (NY)
Copyright: 2005 Watertown Daily Times
Author: Larry Seguin


Regarding the continued intrusions of law enforcement into the domain
of health care, do You think Dr. James Latimer's case is political? You're

The Drug Enforcement Agency instead of stopping cocaine from Colombia,
or heroin from Afghanistan, is now precutting and harassing doctors and
intimidating sick patients. An article in the Nov. 4 Washington Post tells
of the problems arising in the Food and Drug Administration since the DEA
has stepped in. The DEA wants the final say over allowing new narcotic
medications on the market.

Dr. Latimer was forced to surrender his medical license over allegations
involving Oxycontin. A brief Internet search on Dr. William Hurwitz will
explain Dr. Latimer's decision. Doctors that try to fight the DEA lose. They
get 25 years in prison. Is the law equal for everybody?

Let's look at an admitted abuser, used Oxycontin daily. Made $3 million a
year while hosting radio while on drugs. In 2002 it is alleged he was doctor
shopping. If the drugwar is not political why has it been three years and
Rush Limbaugh still has not been charged and still makes $3 million a year?

Acting District Attorney Gary Miles is just a victim of the new and improved
drugwar. Mr. Miles is pure collateral damage to the DEA. Your concerns
should go to Congressman John McHugh.

If Dr. Latimer wanted to be a drug supplier to Northern New York why only a
few patients? He could have had 3,000 dealers working for him! Dr. Latimer
was labeled wrong by the media and unfortunately by some of his peers.

It's not a war on illegal drugs anymore it's a drugwar. It's a war on all of
us now!

Larry Seguin

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