Pubdate: Sun 06 Nov 2005
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
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Author: Kerana Todorov, Auburn Journal
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Should the sale of medical marijuana be banned in Colfax?

The difficulty in interpreting the state and federal laws dealing 
with the sale of medical marijuana led city staff to discuss a 
possible ban at a staff retreat Oct. 13, said Colfax City Manager Bob Perrault.

"There was no consensus," Perrault said Monday. "(But) it is an issue 
that I think needs to be discussed." No date was set for that discussion.

Selling medical marijuana became legal in 1996 under California 
Proposition 215. In June, however, the U.S. Supreme Court decided 
that federal authorities can prosecute patients who use medical 
marijuana in California. That decision led to Colfax city officials 
discussing whether to follow the state or federal law.

"We feel like we're kind of left in this land in between," Perrault said.

Golden State Patient Care, the county's sole medical marijuana 
collective, opened last year off Highway 174 in Colfax.
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