Pubdate: Fri, 28 Jan 2005
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: 2005 Archant Regional
Author: Alun Buffry
Cited: Legalise Cannabis Alliance


Home Secretary and Norwich South MP Charles Clarke says he has "no
respect" for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, in reply to the
invitation to him to speak to his constituents at the UEA.

It is appalling that our elected MP cannot come into his own
constituency to speak about government policy on cannabis - note the
LCA invited him to speak to an open audience, rather than debate with
us or to listen to us.

What is even more appalling is that the alliance has not received a
reply at all from Mr Clarke, regarding the invitation, and it is left
to the Evening News to get an answer.

Perhaps not surprising when one realises that last year it took the
Home Office more than eight months to even acknowledge receipt of the
LCA's "Challenge" (at that time, simply a challenge to talk to us).

Mr Clarke said in the Evening news "I have no respect for the pro
cannabis argument, I am pretty sure I have replied."

Well, I can assure readers that no reply has been received by the LCA.
Maybe Mr Clarke is suffering from an overactive imagination or short
term memory loss.

Alun Buffry

National co-ordinator LCA

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