Pubdate: Sun, 30 Oct 2005
Source: North Lake Tahoe Bonanza (NV)
Copyright: 2005, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
Author: Jo Rafferty


Sheriff's offices in Douglas County and Carson City as well as the 
Washoe tribe are joining forces in the war against methamphetamine 
and other illegal drugs.

Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini, Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong 
and tribal officer J.C. Leonard announced the new partnership last 
week at a news conference in Minden.

A legal agreement between the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California 
police and the counties could be finalized by next week, and would 
allow for the law enforcement officials to assist during emergencies 
on tribal lands.

Until now in Nevada the tribe has provided its own law enforcement. 
There are four Indian colonies in the area, including Dresslerville, 
Woodfords and two in Carson City - the Carson and Stewart colonies.

"We will no longer have to stop at the curb," said Carson City 
Sheriff Kenny Furlong.

Pierini said he has sought an agreement with the Washoe Tribe since 
1994. This agreement would restrict Douglas County and Carson City 
law enforcement officials to assisting during violent or emergency 
situations only, and provide insurance and liability protection for 
the deputies. Washoe Tribe police would continue to patrol on tribal land.

"We're doing fantastic," said J.C. Leonard, a police officer with the 
Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California Police Department.

Methamphetamine use is prevalent in every Nevada county and on tribal 
land, according to Pierini.

Businesses are suffering losses as well as the families of children 
and parents who are abusing drugs.

"There's a huge outcry from all over the community," he said. "It's 
affecting families and children. It's getting out of control."

"Drug Use Is Life Abuse" is being organized by the Douglas County and 
Carson City sheriffs' offices and will kick off with Red Ribbon Week, 
a national recognition of drug-free schools, starting Monday.

In Douglas County more than 7,000 red wristbands with the anti-drug 
logo on them will be handed out in schools next week. The bands can 
be used to get discounts at various businesses.

Furlong said the Carson City Sheriff's Department is looking into the 
wristbands for next year, but this year is providing residents with 
bumper stickers from both Drug Use Is Life Abuse and the Partnership 
Carson City anti-meth coalition. Bumper stickers can be picked up at 
the sheriff's department, 901 E. Musser St., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

The bumper stickers will soon be available at the Douglas County 
Sheriff's Office, at 1625 Eighth St. in Minden. To check on 
availability of the bumper stickers, call (775) 782-9903.

The Drug Use is Life Abuse program was introduced by Harold Willard, 
who is on the Douglas County Sheriff's Advisory Council. He founded 
the organization with six other people in Orange County, Calif., 19 
years ago. The organization's Web site,, provides 
information on drug-proofing homes and contact information for 
parents and businesses that need help.

"We look to a lot of partnerships to evolve," said Furlong. "We have 
not found anyone not wanting to jump on board with both feet.

"That's very refreshing for law enforcement to see."
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