Pubdate: Wed, 26 Oct 2005
Source: Salt Lake Tribune (UT)
Copyright: 2005 The Salt Lake Tribune
Author: Thomas Burr
Cited: National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign


WASHINGTON - Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, was awarded the Drug-Free
America Guardian Award on Tuesday for his efforts to combat substance
abuse. The award recognized Hatch for working to create the National
Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign as well as for sponsoring legislation
dealing with the drug problem. "On the issue of substance abuse, we
could ask for no better advocate than Sen. Hatch," said Roy J.
Bostock, chairman of the Partnership for Drug-Free America. Hatch, at
a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol, thanked the partnership for the award
and vowed to continue to work with others to attack the problem.

"There are many who are willing to join in the war on drugs when
we are passing stiffer criminal laws related to drug trafficking and
drug use," Hatch said. "And while I am always for punishing those who
choose to break the law, I think there have to be smart ways of
preventing the laws from being broken and treating offenders early so
we don't have to pay for locking them up over and over." 
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