Pubdate: Thu, 20 Oct 2005
Source: Minnesota Daily (MN Edu)
Copyright: 2005 Minnesota Daily
Author: Bonnie Colleen McCool
Note: Bonnie Colleen McCool is an activist-artist in Stephenville, Texas.
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War Creates a Booming Economy for Some on the Suffering of Many.

In response to Nikki Wee's article "Debaters hash out marijuana
policies," marijuana is a miracle medicine for many because it is the
only plant that mimics the way our bodies try to maintain balance.

Yet, it has been demonized by those who worship the almighty dollar.
Greed rules America. The drug war takes our eyes off the real killers
we tolerate.

Drugs kill more than 26 percent of the people who die each year in the
United States.

Tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals kill approximately a quarter of
us. Less than 1 percent die from illicit drug use; none, nada, no
deaths are attributed to marijuana. Clearly, we are safer to grow
natural herb gardens.

War is a tool governments use to make us more agreeable to their waste
of our precious lives and resources.

War creates a booming economy for some on the suffering of

This is a lot bigger deal than sex in the oval office.

The racism, corruption and uncaring destruction of lives to make a
buck or feed an addiction to power goes beyond recent crimes.

In our name they have sent our troops to die for oil.

They have taken funds from disaster preparedness for oil, shamed,
destroyed families, locked up and killed many people (including

This, all over a choice in a recreational/medicinal drug, while
allowing more pharmaceutical killers on the market.

It is obvious our policies are more about profit than the well being
of the individual.

Compare costs of our medical care to our neighbors in Canada and

Leaders responsible for current policy will have to answer to a higher
power for their crimes against humanity.

Look at a petition:
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