Pubdate: Wed, 12 Oct 2005
Source: Chapel Hill News (NC)
Copyright: 2005 Chapel Hill News
Author: Noreen Ordronneau
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Peace in Colombia cannot be achieved through U.S. military aid and 
drug crop fumigation. No matter how many hectares of Colombia, 
Bolivia or Peru the United States and paid contractors destroy with 
their aerial-dispersed poisons, not a single cocaine abuser in the 
United States is any closer to true recovery.

Despite five years of pumping billions of dollars into the Colombian 
military, the United States is failing on the counter-drug and 
counter-insurgency fronts. It is time for a change in strategy. In 
spite of U.S. programs to destroy agricultural land in southern Colombia:

- - The price, purity and availability of drugs in the United States 
have not changed.

- - Aiding a military with paramilitary links and a poor human-rights 
record like the Colombian armed forces is unacceptable.

- - Guns and fumigations will neither bring lasting stability to 
Colombia nor stop the drugs flowing into the United States.

We need to stop destroying other countries' agricultural 
infrastructure in the futile effort to control the multi-billion 
dollar cocaine industry. More funding is needed for programs that 
provide treatment on demand for any drug abuser who wants it right 
here at home.

The United States should phase out aerial fumigations while providing 
income-generating alternatives to illicit crop growth, support peace 
in Colombia and supporting human rights of all, protecting the 
victims of war and promoting social and economic development.

Noreen Ordronneau

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