Pubdate: Wed, 05 Oct 2005
Source: Mayerthorpe Freelancer (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 The Freelancer
Author: Alan Randell


The Media Has Dropped All Pretense Of Objectivity And Has Become A 
Worthless Tool Of The State

Alan Randell

Edmonton, Alta.

Mayerthorpe Freelancer -- Re Mayerthorpe grow-op busted, Sept. 28

Please, I'm begging you, please make these drug stories more objective and 
thus less akin to government propaganda by including the comments of those 
like me who oppose our unjust and shameful drug prohibition law.

Alternatively, you could simply append at the end of these items a 
statement like, "Many feel that drug prohibition (1) is illogical because 
other harmful drugs are allowed, (2) is an abuse of the right of free 
adults to ingest any drug, (3) causes more harm because of adulterated 
drugs and crime than the drugs themselves,  or (4) is ineffective and a 
waste of law enforcement resources because human beings will always want 

Who am I kidding? You won't make these changes because formerly independent 
media are now submerged into corporate chains where focus on advertising 
revenues means zero tolerance for controversy. In fact, the mainstream 
media has dropped all pretense of objectivity and has become a worthless 
tool of the state.
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