Pubdate: Wed, 05 Oct 2005
Source: Windsor Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 The Windsor Star
Author: Colin Walker


Re: the letter to the editor, Medical Pot Unaffordable. I think it's pretty 
nifty how the government can maintain the black market cost of cannabis and 
sell it legally at the same time. Neither the cannabis nor the money made 
is evil but the price gouging is.

It's a weed, no harder to cultivate than tomatoes, that is in great demand.

Despite all the protestations by the government of protecting health et al, 
the real reason they just won't legalize it is the size of the market and 
the amount of money it generates: Money that would not be made from very 
many people if they could legally grow their own supply.

The electrical utility and the hydroponics stores would be the only ones 
making any money off it, with the government taxing these sales. No cops, 
lawyers, judges, prison guards, gangsters or "property management companies."

In short, almost nobody would get anything anymore, and that's just not 

The value would plummet, there would be companies applying for licences to 
grow, there would be 10,000 empty rental houses, there would be less hydro 
theft, less incursion by the state into private lives, and police would 
have to be reassigned or let go.

Should cannabis be legalized, the only real winners are the consumer and 
taxpayer. That's just not allowed.

Colin Walker

  New Westminster, B.C.
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