Pubdate: Sun, 25 Sep 2005
Source: Fort Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2005 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Pauline Stewart


It was with great interest that I read the article in the Tribune's
local section of Sept. 11, "Restoration top priority for Hibiscus Park
residents." It is always a pleasure to see people taking pride in their
community and adding another street to within the neighborhood's
association boundaries because they liked how that street was being
revitalized. 	I live on a street that borders on Hibiscus Park.
Unfortunately, it will take a lot more than restoring the natural
luster to bring our street anywhere close to being a part of the
premier neighborhood in Fort Pierce that Hibiscus Park hopes to boast
even though we are just a stone's throw away.

The Fort Pierce Police Department spends a lot of time here due to
unrest and disturbances in this area. They are prompt to respond and
are courteous and diplomatic in dealing with the complaints. What
disturbs me is the fact that they always give us the same advise:
"This is one of the worst areas in Fort Pierce. Why don't you move to
a better neighborhood?"

It grieves me to think that we should have to leave our home because
others around do not have the same respect for their surroundings as
we do. Others who will tolerate and maybe welcome the crack houses and
the drug dealers ruining what could be and should be a respectable and
thriving community.

I pat you on the back, Hibiscus Park Neighborhood Association, for all
the effort you guys have put into making it a contender for the
premier neighborhood to live in Fort Pierce. But we ask you not to
embrace only the streets that you consider around you that are already
on an upward mode of revitalization. Your help and support would be
welcomed by those that border you and still have some residents that
want to bring back some pride to their street.

Pauline Stewart, Fort Pierce
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