Pubdate: Wed, 14 Sep 2005
Source: The Daily News (Longview, WA)
Copyright: 2005 The Daily News
Author: P.J. Wasson
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I don't know if there is anyone anywhere who hates drugs more than I 
do or knows the devastating effects to a family. But, I really 
question the motive behind a measure that hires more policemen to put 
these people away. The money should be for treatment and treatment 
for the whole family.

I realize the drug addict has to be caught before he or she gets 
treatment, and that's a no-brainer. More policemen would fill the 
beds in our new jail, but these people don't quit because they are 
put in jail. They just can't do drugs while they are locked up.

Do you ever notice that people coming out of prison who haven't 
smoked, drank or done drugs, sometimes for years, will obtain a 
cigarette from someone as soon as they exit. They didn't quit; they 
just couldn't get what they wanted. The drugs and alcohol come a 
little later, when they can reconnect.

I have the utmost respect for most policemen, but I don't think they 
are God. I don't think we can afford more officers. They will not go 
away after eight years, there will be retirement, disability and many 
other benefits that will have to be funded. They have a terrific 
union. We will be back here again in eight more years voting on an 
even higher budget.

I really don't think it will deter the meth problem.

P.J. Wasson

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