Pubdate: Wed, 19 Jan 2005
Source: California Aggie, The (UC Davis, CA Edu)
Copyright: 2005sThe California Aggie
Author: Jeff Katz


Yolo County has not decided whether to authorize non-prescription syringe 
sales at local pharmacies under a new state law intended to reduce 
transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases among 
injection drug users. The Yolo County Health Department supports the new 
law and officials hope to get county approval to allow such sales in the 
near future, said Norma Springsteen of YCHD.

"We are taking the issue to the county board of supervisors," said 
Springsteen. "As far as I know, [it] might not be put before the board 
until February or March, but we are actively asking the Health Council for 
support," she said.

Under the state law, only those needles held in appropriate containers 
would be exempt from drug paraphernalia statutes, which are still in 
effect, according to the California Department of Health Services. The law 
also established the Disease Prevention Demonstration Project to monitor 
the amount of sales during the five-year allowance period. By January 15, 
2010, CDHS will report sales results to the governor and legislature and 
ask for an extension, if necessary. Over 24,000 HIV infections in 
California have resulted from shared needles since 1981, CDHS figures state.
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