Pubdate: Mon, 05 Sep 2005
Source: Hindustan Times (India)
Copyright: 2005, Hindustan Times Ltd.
Author: Sutirtho Patranobis
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Friday's cocaine seizure from a posh South Delhi restro-bar might have been 
a small one. There have been bigger hauls in the city this year. But this 
was for the first time that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had raided 
an upscale restaurant and arrested a peddler with a cocaine pouch.

Rumours had been making rounds of the corridors of the NCB office in R.K. 
Puram about cocaine being used under the dim and easy lights of lounge bars.

"Cocaine isn't the only drug that's used. Hashish and ecstacy pills are 
also popular. Parties usually start on Friday night and go on till the 
early hours of Saturday," said a senior NCB officer. Farmhouses, of course, 
have been the favourites of Delhiites as venues for illicit pleasures, 
including drug abuse.

The Capital's outskirts are dotted with hundreds of farmhouses with high 
walls and heavy security.

"We get informal information about rave parties inside farmhouses in places 
like Ghitourni and Mandi. But it's impossible to get inside in time because 
invariably there are guards outside who inform the partygoers the moment 
they see people or vehicles approaching the gate. Some of these farmhouses 
have infra-red fencing. Some are guarded by Rotweiler dogs," the officer said.

Then there are farmhouses in Ghaziabad. "We know instances of rave parties 
in farmhouses, which are located deep inside fields. For the regular, there 
are markings on the roads to lead them to the venue. And usually, some 
people are posted on the terrace to look out for approaching outsiders," 
the officer said.

So, who are into rave and cocaine parties? "Sare darzis (fashion designers) 
aur nai (hair stylists) involved hai" said the officer.

"People who have money, time, and the move around in hip and happening 
parties usually have easier access to the cocaine network. The trend is 
changing, however. Earlier, only Mercedes owners did it. Now, Santro own 
ers are doing it too," the officer said. The Capital has seen two major 
cocaine seizures this year.

On the intervening night of June 25 and 26, 115 gm of cocaine was seized 
from a Nigerian. In February, 400 gm of cocaine and five kg of heroin were 
seized from a group of east Africans. In 2003, Niraj Wadhera , the owner of 
Hans Plaza, had also been arrested with cocaine.

The NCB is now on the lookout of another "young Delhiite" who is known to 
organise parties at five-star hotels and farmhouses. An official said most 
names flashed on television were not correct.

Cost Factor: Drugs popular with the rich and famous Cocaine Rs 4,000 to Rs 
6,000 per gram Hashish Rs 500 to Rs 600 per tola (10 gm) Ecstacy Rs 500 to 
Rs 600 per tablet pill Acid Rs 400 to Rs 500 per blot Speed: Rs 400 to Rs 
500 per tablet

MDMA: Rs 400 to Rs 500 per tablet
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