Pubdate: Fri, 26 Aug 2005
Source: Surrey Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Surrey Leader
Author: Lisa Smith
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Are our pot laws just Hells Angels tax?

It's a $2 billion a year industry in B.C. alone, and we leave it in the 
hands of the Hells Angels.


The Hells Angels don't pay the cost of property damage and policing, we do 
with our taxes.

Why isn't the PST on $2 billion paying for that?

In fact, now landlords have to police their own properties by doing regular 
inspections, and bear the costs of the property damage done by both the 
growers and the police, and face the possibility of having their house 

How is that fair?

I don't think it's appropriate to make some little old lady search her 
property for a grow op!

What if she finds one?

How are we letting our government force us to live in a society where, if 
we want a rental property we have to be willing to risk our safety by 
acting as an agent for the police and infringe on the privacy rights that 
renters until recently had?

Why, if police really do want to shut down the Hells Angels, are they 
ensuring that revenues of that magnitude are left in the Hells Angels' hands?

Having $2 billion less to work with seems like it would be a hindrance to them.

I believe it has been made clear that Canadians don't subscribe to the 
DEA's policies, even if our government is now answering to them.

Lisa Smith

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