Pubdate: Mon, 22 Aug 2005
Source: Times, The (Lafayette, LA)
Copyright: South Louisiana Publishing 2005
Author: Lee Gibson


Re: "17 held in Grand Isle drug sting: Undercover officer worked year on
case," Metro, Aug. 11.

Grand Isle is not a big place. An estimated 1,500 full-time residents
shrimp, fish or work in the oil patch. Everyone knows everyone else
and there are few real secrets. However, on Aug. 10, Grand Isle had a
rude awakening. At 6:30 a.m. it was raided by DEA, State Police, and
the National Guard. No local officials were notified or brought in on
what was coming down.

The net result of the raid was individuals reported to have sold one
pill, or to have grown one marijuana plant, etc.: Small stuff. All
those arrested were taken to the Fourchon Port Commission offices in
another parish. Present at this location in control were DEA, State
Police and two armed National Guard personnel in military gear. No
local law enforcement was present.

At 11 a.m. they were taken to the Gretna holding facility by a
Lafourche Parish deputy. Most were sent home with personal
recognizance bonds. Only one person was actually retained.

So what was accomplished? The arrest of several locals for trivial
offenses. More important, the federal and state governments managed to
impose themselves on the local jurisdiction. The constitutional
jurisdictions and the rights of those arrested were ignored. These are
the tactics of a police state.

Clearly drugs were not the goal of those agencies. Instead, the goal
was the intimidation of a small community. The unconstitutional drug
laws are being used to abuse, to wrest control from local to state and
federal jurisdiction.

Will the residents of Grand Isle wake up to the significance of what
just happened?

Lee Gibson

Grand Isle
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