Pubdate: Tue, 16 Aug 2005
Source: Journal Times, The (Racine, WI)
Copyright: 2005 The Journal Times
Author: Randy Vizyak
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I'm replying to Connie Molbeck's thoughtful letter "Less Costly Jail 
options" (Aug 8). I am one of those people who believe words have meaning.

Take, for example, the phrase "nonviolent criminal". The guys at Enron who 
stole everyones' pension money are "nonviolent". So is wire fraud and 
burglary. These people commit "property crimes". In contrast, the people 
who choose marijuana instead of martini's are punished for choosing the 
politically incorrect intoxicant.

I say change the drug laws. Leave the cannabis user alone and punish the 
"nonviolent" crooks.

Take the phrase "drug and alcohol counseling". It's a misnomer. Alcohol is 
a legal adult product. You can sell it with a license and buy it if you're 
21. All legal. In contrast, selling marijuana is a felony, and possession 
is a misdemeanor. You can equate "drugs and alcohol" in a moral sense, but 
not in a legal sense.

Until we change our drug laws, such as taxing and regulating cannabis, I'm 
afraid we'll make little progress reining in the jail building industry.

Randy Vizyak

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