Pubdate: Wed, 10 Aug 2005
Source: Duncan News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Duncan News Leader
Author: Wade Hunter


Dear editor,

I have again read North Cowichan is considering adopting a bylaw that 
requires homeowners to check and inspect for illegal drug operations.

This shocks me!

I have read statements in your paper, from the RCMP and fire department 
that entering these grow/drug houses is extremely dangerous. They wear 
hazmat suits to protect themselves from drug fumes and chemicals, they say 
it is common for criminals to booby trap the houses - that the grow ops are 
controlled by gangs and organized crime.

Is this the only option - to put at risk the very citizens they are trying 
to protect?

Will there be compensation to the home owner when he is electrocuted, blown 
up or dying from chemical exposure or worse?

Organized crime figures threaten the person's life or their children in 
order to keep them quiet. Back east in Montreal the biggest concern if you 
are growing is not the RCMP, it's the gangs that show up at your door and 
take your stuff, or worse, force you to grow extreme amounts and work for them.

Is protective clothing going to be given to landlords for free? Will any 
training programs be offered? How about financial compensation for lost 
wages as they spend many, many days in a courtroom waiting to testify?

Stopping crime and catching criminals is the RCMP's job.

If this bylaw passes, you will be fined or considered an accessory if you 
don't put you family at risk. Please stop this attempt to use families as 
shields in your war against drugs.

I am sure to some it's a good idea - save money, reduce workplace danger - 
but at what cost?

And what's next, all homes to be inspected regularly? It may be next on 
their agenda.

- -Wade Hunter

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