Pubdate: Sun, 14 Aug 2005
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
Copyright: 2005 Johnson Newspaper Corp.
Author: Larry Seguin


To The Editor:

Mr. Ed Sheffied makes a good point in his letter Sunday Aug. 7 "Upset
with Miles", but he misses the issue. It is unfair to lay the blame
solely on acting District Attorney Gary Miles. All District Attorneys
run on 'tough on crime' platform. Crimes committed against our
properties or us are not the priority. The crime of prohibition is the

The proof is in the past month.

Aug 6 drug raid. Less than $5,000 found. Bail $25,000 cash, $50,000

July 21, Man picked up for 'sexual abuse, sexual act with 8-year-old.
Bail $10,000.

July 22 drug bust. Two Canadians driving through St. Lawrence County.
Bail $100,000 cash, $150,000 bond.

Aug 2, Man runs over and kills girl delivering Girl Scout cookies
(Syracuse). Sentence 1-3 years.

July 20, Man has $2,500 of meth sentenced to 10 years in

July 20, Man pleads guilty to sex act with fourteen-year-old. His
deal, no jail time!

July 27, Malone man sentenced to prison for 8 years. Less than $7,000
drugs found.

July 22, another charge of rape with only $2,500 bail.

Officer of the law molests young boys, $10,000 bail.

The rape charges took couple of officers to handle. The drug charges
took several agencies.

Prohibition crimes are favored because it will take forever to jail
everyone and every dealer is replaced.

Have we accepted rape of our daughters so we can cage marijuana users?
The bails on the crimes indicate that.

Larry Seguin

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