Pubdate: Mon, 08 Aug 2005
Source: Athens News, The (OH)
Copyright: 2005, Athens News
Author: Steve Lind
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I am writing in response to David Kasler's Reader's Forum about the 
Alexander Schools' drug-testing policy in the July 21 edition of The Athens 
NEWS and the follow-up story about the Alexander School Board meeting in 
the July 25 edition of the newspaper.

Lest my address identify me as an "outsider," I should point out that I 
lived in the Alexander School District for over 20 years, and all three of 
my children attended school in the district.

It is pointless to restate principled arguments against the drug-testing 
policy, because the board has apparently voted to implement it. 
Fortunately, citizens in the district have recourse: when the soap box 
fails, there is always the ballot box. Some voters might even remember the 
board's posture on the drug-testing policy when the next levy appears on 
the ballot.

If the drug-testing policy is a good thing, as Mr. Kasler has represented 
it is, then let him lead from the front, along with the other board members 
who favored this policy, by volunteering to take the drug and alcohol tests 
themselves (and pay for it out of their pockets) and have the results 
published - next to their names -- in a local newspaper of record. 
Actually, the drug/alcohol testing shouldn't stop with the board -- let's 
include those administrators, teachers and staff who drive to the school 
and/or coach or supervise students in extracurricular activities as well. 
That would set an example for the students.

After all, what do they have to hide?

Steve Lind

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