Pubdate: Thu, 11 Aug 2005
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Christine Law
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I am writing to express my great shock that Marc Emery, Michelle 
Rainey-Fenkarek and Gregory Williams could be extradited for selling 
marijuana seeds.

To allow the U.S. to win extradition of three Canadian citizens for 
offences that have been ignored by their own government for 10 years shocks 
the conscience.

It could be argued that the Canadian government should stand co-accused. It 
did collect more than $350,000 in taxes from Emery last year alone.

Seeing how Emery has operated openly without interference from Canadian 
police since 1998, it suggests that the only people who were capable of 
stopping this crime were also benefiting from it.

It also speaks to the ambiguity that Canadians have toward this issue. How 
can our government call upon its citizens to have pride in their national 
identity when we allow other nations to guide our conscience?

Canada should not be sending political activists to foreign countries, 
especially when their actions are not considered to be an "arrestable 
offence" in Canada.

We should all oppose this extradition and any extradition of any Canadian 
citizen to a foreign country when their actions are not considered a 
serious crime in Canada.

Christine Law

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