Pubdate: Fri, 05 Aug 2005
Source: Osoyoos Times (CN BC)
Contact:  2005 Osoyoos Times
Author: Alan Randell
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Re Time for discussion about drugs is now, not when it's too late,
Jul. 27

Please spare us all from the relentless ignorance of the media. Crime
and drugs would not be as closely intertwined if our government, to
speak of another institution seemingly run by ignoramuses, had not
decided to make drugs illegal. If tomatoes were banned, we would
presently be inundated with thousands of home-based tomato grow-ops.
If waffles were banned, the cops would be unable to cope with a
'rising tide' of waffle crime.

Want to reduce crime? Legalize all drugs.

Want to fix the grow-op problem? Legalize marijuana.

Want to fix "the needle problem"? Legalize all drugs.

Want to save lives? Legalize all drugs?

Want to reduce costs? Legalize all drugs.

Want to reduce corruption? Legalize all drugs.

Want to reduce the spread of disease? Legalize all

Alan Randell

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