Pubdate: Wed, 03 Aug 2005
Source: Mountain Xpress (NC)
Copyright: 2005 Mountain Xpress
Author: John Buckley
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The next time "devil's weed" (i.e. marijuana) buzzes your brain, please 
reserve a moment to imagine the disapproving scowl of Elizabeth Dole, our 
dis-compassionate, will-never-support-medical-marijuana senator. Two 
seconds later, having ditched her churlish image from your mind's sated 
eye, realize with glowing self-appreciation that getting high is a civic 
duty, an act of civil disobedience; stated properly: Civil Disobedience.

Marijuana is not just for the sick -- it is for all of us who choose it. 
Marijuana may be momentarily illegal in Raleigh and Pack Square, but it is 
certainly ... available in our living rooms where, as you know, only the 
best people congregate. Our living rooms act as oases in a desert packed 
with upper-middle-class, white elites who would rather die than accept any 
change not squeezed from their little minds. Elites who carry the burden of 
believing they are your Mommy and Daddy out to protect you from yourself: 
June and Ward Cleaver, maniacally plotting to keep their Beaver safe from 
the likes of Eddie Haskell and company. [Meanwhile the] foolish antics of 
bureaucratic knobs comprise a government that befits deleted scenes from a 
Laurel-and-Hardy movie.

They simply don't get it; like, totally clueless. However, lacking the 
marijuana issue, then it'd be something else, of course. Anything to 
discredit the disrespecting masses who are their true sons and daughters, 
sisters and brothers. Thankfully, we, the disrespecting masses, 
collectively believe in our guaranteed right of free expression and have 
promised ourselves to faithfully continue expressing our Civil Disobedience 

Our Mommies and Daddies in government should be grateful that we've 
discovered a way to tolerate their foolishness. Only after I'm stoned do 
they make any sense -- well, in a Laurel-and-Hardy sort of way. By the time 
they fall under our care, parked in rest homes and the like, we will ensure 
that only medical marijuana is available, having discerned that 
pharmaceutical pain relief is simply inappropriate, unsafe. This is the 
sweetness of justice in Amerika.

- -- John Buckley

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