Pubdate: Tue, 02 Aug 2005
Source: Cape Argus (South Africa)
Copyright: 2005 Cape Argus.
Author: Unknown


My son is 17 years old and he is a drug addict. He looks as if he is
30 years old.

My heart is broken to see him like that. I went for help but he is not
interested. As long as he can do drugs with his friends he is happy.

There were people who took him in and treated him like their own son.
But as soon he was at home he went went back to his old ways.

They were like parents to him, taking him to the doctor and to the
social workers. The day he had to go to the rehab he was not
interested. The other children who were with him are doing well.

I can't handle it any more. I'm writing this letter with a broken
heart and tears in my eyes. I don't sleep at night worrying about this
child who just thinks about himself.

I don't worry about his brothers because he is the only one that

I walked an extra mile with him but he threw it back in my face. I was
there for him when nobody cared.

The people took him in a second time. They care about him and he
doesn't see it. He is like someone who is crazy and he wants to kill

I told him that drugs can't solve your problems - they create more
problems. The drug dealers are not worried about you as long as they
get rich.

I was so desperate that I wanted to do drugs myself - maybe then he
would seek help. But he told me that is my choice, not his. I could
not do it because I was not stupid.

To live in my house is like living in a nightmare. There is no peace
in the house.

I am full of stress and I am sick. He works but all his money goes on
drugs. He doesn't give me any money. He has no clothes and doesn't clean

I am ashamed of him. I told him he has choices in life. Nobody can
make the choices for him. He tells me he believes in nothing. He
doesn't feel like living any more.

People who do drugs are stupid. They are selling their souls to the
devil. They are making the drug dealers rich. The drug dealers have no

But let me tell the drug dealers there is a God and he doesn't sleep.
You will get your day, judgment day, when you will see all the parents
of the children you sold the drugs to standing in front of you. And
you will suffer; you are going to hell.

For my son I just want to say I love you very much and I will always
love you.

Let me help you, my child. I will walk with you all the

Trust in God. I am praying for your salvation.

Parents: take note of your children. If someone comes
to you and tells you about your child, don't say "My
child is not doing drugs" because they are doing it,
100% for sure. Don't sweep it under the mat.

Is there someone in this world that can help, please?
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