Pubdate: Tue, 02 Aug 2005
Source: Belleville News-Democrat (IL)
Copyright: 2005 Belleville News-Democrat
Author: Jennifer Kapiolani Saxton And Brian Brueggemann
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GLEN CARBON - Police arrested the coordinator of Madison County's Drug 
Court early Sunday morning on suspicion of domestic battery and resisting a 
police officer.

Terri L. Sorger, 53, of 4 Oxford Lane, was arrested by Glen Carbon Police 
and taken to the Madison County Jail just after midnight. She was released 
later Sunday.

Glen Carbon Police Chief David Bradford confirmed Sorger had been arrested, 
but said Monday he did not know details surrounding the arrest. The 
arresting officer was not available for comment.

Sorger, whose phone number is unlisted, could not be reached for comment 
Monday. A man who answered her door Monday evening said she wasn't home.

Prosecutors had not filed any charges against Sorger as of Monday 
afternoon. In misdemeanor cases, it sometimes take several days before 
charges are filed, and sometimes charges are not filed at all.

In Illinois, a person arrested on a charge of domestic battery is held 
without bond until a judge sets bail. Jail officials said Circuit Judge Dan 
Stack ordered Sunday that Sorger be released on a recognizance bond, which 
is a promise to appear in court later. Stack could not be reached Monday 
for comment.

In Madison County, prosecutors have urged police officers to make an arrest 
or arrests whenever they are called to a report of domestic violence, even 
if the victim decides he or she does not want the perpetrator arrested.

In Illinois, a person commits domestic battery when he or she intentionally 
causes bodily harm or makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking 
nature to a family or household member.

Sorger has been the head of Madison County's Drug Court since it was 
created in 1996. In drug court, a person arrested for nonviolent, 
drug-related offenses can have the charge dismissed if he or she stays off 
drugs and meets other requirements.

Madison County's Drug Court was the first in the state. Sorger has traveled 
across the country, and internationally, speaking to officials on how to 
operate drug courts.

Madison County Chief Judge Edward Ferguson and Darrell McGibany, the 
county's director of probation and court services, could not be reached for 
comment Monday. County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan said he was not aware of 
the arrest.
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